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Your Wine Guy's Thanksgiving Wine Recommendations

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Everyone everywhere is telling you what to drink for thanksgiving. Some like to go with Rosé, while others swear by a good Gewurztraminer, and even some absolutely must have a Beaujolais. At In Grape Company, we like to choose the wines specifically based on what you like... but sometimes you just need some crowd-pleasers, here are our favorites in stock right now:

Gloria Ferrer Private Cuvee Brut

Musk | Tropical Notes | Under-ripe Banana

  • Though the bubbles are less persistent than a youthful chap, the tropical notes and acidic finish piece this together nicely.

  • Pairs well with: Celebrations

  • Price: $50 $̶7̶5̶

Dalton Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

Lychee | Cut Hay | Honeydew

  • Lighter cleaner less fruit-driven style of sauvignon blanc that offers a fresh perspective to all of your SB stereotypes.

  • Pairs well with: Stuffing

  • Price: $18

La Vie en Rose Chateau Roubine Cotes de Provence

Raspberry | Spring flowers

  • Delightfully Provence and a great wine.

  • Pairs well with: Turkey and Cranberries

  • Price: $19

Ram's Gate Pinot Noir, Carneros

Red Current | Violet | Mushroom

  • A robust style California Pinot that proves delicacy and concentration can go very well together.

  • Pairs well with: Turkey and Green Bean Casserole

  • Price: $45

Petra Mareto Toscana

Cherries | Black Pepper | Earth

  • A table wine staple that is light body and pairs well with food. Earthy notes with just enough of fruit to smooth out the finish. A Malbec twist on your typical Tuscan Sangiovese blend!

  • Pairs well with: Cheesy potatoes

  • Price: $22

If you would like to order any of these wines, please contact us ASAP. We will take your order by phone , email or text .... Just let us know so we can schedule your delivery!

Let’s get grape wine on your Thanksgiving table!!!

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