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What Your Wine Selection is Secretly Saying

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Wine and friends go together like… well wine and friends! But when you have a mixed crowd how do you choose wines that will please everyone? Making everyone happy is a challenging feat. After throwing hundreds of events and choosing wines for large groups of strangers, I’ve developed some thoughts that one can follow.

  1. Select wine that excites YOU, the buyer. Then share your passion. If your picks are unknown to you, that’s OK! Celebrate the exciting unknown. ☺

  2. “Adulting” = crafted wines that pair with your evening food/activities. The wine selections for your evening (whether it be a dinner, get-together, or party) are easily recognized by your guests as a well thought out addition to your evening, or as an afterthought. This doesn’t go unnoticed. It may seem like the “easy” or “right” thing to do, by choosing the recognizable brands, (I’m looking at you Kim Crawford, Yellow Tail or Kendall Jackson) but this might be sending the wrong message:

You don’t want to send the message that wine is not important, or it’s routine and/or irrelevant in your celebration. This is a heartbreaking message for a wine guy. Wine should always be the focal point in your celebration. Sometimes wine IS the celebration! At the very least, it should be something that enhances your grub and evening gossip.

California reds, Pinot Noir over $25, and French Sauvignon Blanc for the win. Choosing a wine to bring as a gift for an evening out? Here are 3 seemingly “safe” options that tend to win over large groups. Again, avoid the 50 case stack of “wine on a deal” when buying for others. When you go to a party and someone asks you to bring a dish, do you show up with a box of fruit loops or a Little Ceasers pizza? How about arriving with Swiss Cake Rolls? No. You show up with something that is appropriate (no matter how tasty and well received these other treats are). These 3 picks, done right, put you in a respectful “safe zone”.

Look at these two bottles and notice how one bottle shows the country, the region and the estate. Looks like a great bottle!!! Specifics on a label usually shows focus and depth from the producer.

Ask for help! Preferably, ask someone with knowledge.

This may be the most challenging tip to accomplish. Are Binny’s consultants really helping your needs, or are they just selling what they know and what they have LOTS of? Any retailer has a buyer that should know what is on the shelf and can help you find something that will set the mood within your budget. If no one is available (or seems trustworthy), the more details that are on the bottle’s label the more likely you are to have a focused quality product in hand.

Call Kevin.

If your local market has a professional dedicated to finding the best wines at the best prices from multiple regions of the wine world, let them do the work for you! I mean, does it get any better than shopping via internet, phone or text, then having wine delivered to your door or event? Oh, AND the wine is spot on, making your meal, party or gift significantly more special. Sounds like a rockstar service to me. Hello. My name is Kevin. Let’s discuss what message you would like your wine to say, when it comes to your next drinking experience.

If you’re looking for that special wine guy in your life, reach out to Kevin Ball.

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