• Kevin A. Ball

5 S's of Wine: Quarantine Edition

If you’ve tasted with Kevin, chances are you’ve heard about the 5 S’s of wine. These are the steps and tools professionals and wine enthusiasts use to diagnose and understand wine. They heighten enjoyment, tantalize the senses and provide some structure to your tasting experience. The 5 S’s are:

See: Stop and look at your wine, its color and appearance.

Swirl: Swivel your glass to aerate the wine.

Smell: Your sense of smell is critically important to your sense of taste, and you can learn a lot about a wine by its aroma.

**That’s right there are 5 steps before you even get to taste the wine! **

Sip: Sip the wine and let it stay in your mouth. Let it coat your palate and even give it a swish like mouthwash.

Savor: Savor and save the taste after you have swallowed (or spit).

With so much changing, we wanted to keep our S’s more relevant than ever. Let’s face it, alcohol sales are up, and we all have to keep ourselves entertained somehow… So let’s take a fresh look at these S’s, with a social distancing twist!

Stop the spread.

Swivel your priorities.

Support others.

Stay at home.

Save lives!

I hope these S’s help you enjoy your wine even more; PLUS keep you safe and healthy.

So next time you have a glass of wine, just remember, you’re doing it for the sake of humanity!

To have Kevin take you through the 5S’s, have a Virtual Wine Party. That way we can enjoy our wine AND practice social distancing!

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