Ain't No Party Like a Wine Party!

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We have tons of fun themes and are always excited to work with you to create truly unique experiences.


Become a Party Ambassador and get extra special perks like discounts off your wine and earn credit from wine ordered by your guests. Oh, and the host doesn’t have to pay to attend events they host! 


Blind tasting is a great way to take away your preconceived notions about wine and really open you up to new wine experiences. 

Classic Blind Tasting

The mystery of the unknown can be so fun! And educational. Each bottle is wrapped “blind” so attendees don’t know what varietal they are drinking. As we taste the wines, participants guess the region and variety of each wine. The wines are revealed at the end of the tasting and a prize can be awarded to the participant with the most right guesses.

Focused Flight

Pick your favorite varietal (Cabernet, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, bubbles, whatever) and experience numerous versions of that grape from all around the world! You'll be shocked as to how different soils, climates, and winemaking techniques change the profiles of the grape.

Whiz around the world as we taste different regions, countries and continents. Or get regionally specific and choose your favorite country. Taste the best and learn about new regions, cultures and climates from an expert.

Wines of the World

An IGC take on the classic party game, everyone has a chance to win! Every guest is assigned a blinded bottle and the tasting begins. Once you have tried them all, guests rank the wines. When the results are tallied, if your assigned wine is the favorite, you take home a bottle of them all! The bigger the group, the more wines you get to taste and the more wine you could win! 

Due to the volume of wine at A Lotto Vino parties, different rates may apply. 

A Lotto Vino




These unique events offer extra variety to your tasting experience.

IGC Sampler

Want to try them all? The IGC Sampler gives you a taste of 4 different wine parties all rolled into one. How fancy: 

  • Test your Blind Tasting skills by trying to guess region/varietal/vintage of an incognito wine.

  • Feel the Wine Tournament vibe by experiencing a head to head matchup where 2 wines compete against each other!

  • Challenge your physical self with a Minute to Wine It game (of course, while sampling another fantastic wine selection).

  • Taste how different a wine varietal (like Cabernet or Sauv Blanc) can be, from different wine climates/regions with a Focused Flight.


Nerd Out

Ready to jump into the deep end of the wine world? Don't be frightened away from varietals or regions you've never tasted before. This event showcases varietals that are special, rare and historical. Stories flow and taste buds dance as you break away from the norm that is found in your typical restaurant or wine shop.

No longer be intimidated of the wine world. This easy to digest tasting walks you through the basics to look like a pro. We explore the “5 S’s of Wine” – See, Swirl & Smell, Sip, and Savor. Each stage features several wine selections and participants can play and experience as they learn.

The 5 S’s of Wine



Our wildest parties come from this category! Get ready, you're going to have some FUN!

Minute to Wine it

If you live for competition, this one’s for you. By combining a wine tasting with fun Minute to Win It physical challenges (yes, like the game show on TV), In Grape Company puts the "WIN" in wine. 

As we taste fantastic wines, teams of 2 will be challenged with goofy games that take speed, skill, and determination (and maybe a lack of self-respect). The number of challenges you complete determines your prize at the end!


Drinking Derby

Taste. Rank. Reveal. Race!  In this wild wine game we take you to the races!


Taste. A guided, educational blind tasting of the featured wines.
Rank. Rank your favorite wines, to be tallied.
Reveal. The wines are revealed and are placed on a racing track, with the favorite wines having easier paths to victory.
Race! Watch the wines race in a game of chance, and place your "bets" on a wine to win!!! Will you root for the favorite wine of the night for a nominal prize, or choose a long-shot wine for a big wine-prize payout? 


This game combines karaoke AND wine tasting! Each participant is secretly assigned to a masked wine. As the masked wines are tasted, the paired participants will sing during the tasting. At the end of each round, you will eliminate the least favorite wines; and because your wine is a secret, we only critique the wine, not your song. If your wine is still in the game, you live to sing in the next round! Who is the masked drinker?

Everyone who wants to sing is guaranteed one song, but anyone that doesn’t want to sing will not be forced to do so. 

The Masked Drinker


Wine Tournament

8 wines enter, but only one can be the winner of the night! Blindly taste 8 bottles of wine in a sports-style-bracket competition. Each participant gets 2 glasses, and samples 2 different wines in each round. After sipping, everyone votes for which wine was their favorite. The wine with the most votes moves on. Once a wine has lost, it will be revealed.

IGC Favorite




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