Frequently asked questions


What’s included in the per-person price?

Everything! In Grape Company supplies pourers, insurance, games, wine and more. We look to create an all included experience so you don’t need to worry about anything. Stemware is not included and can be rented for $1 per glass.

Will there be enough wine at the event?

ABSOLUTELY! In Grape Company always comes prepared and with enough wine for everyone to enjoy the tasting experience. If you would like to purchase additional bottles to welcome your guests or once the event is over, we are happy to select something special for you.

Can I/my guests purchase wine at the event?

In Grape Company always want guests to have an incredible experience. Often they do find new and unique wines that they would like to purchase. We offer the opportunity to purchase wine at the event and are happy to follow up with those that are interested in learning more.

We never want to make your guests uncomfortable and are able to adjust to your event’s style and needs.

If my guests buy wine, what can they expect?

Guests can complete an order form and supply payment at the event. All guests will get a follow-up email to schedule deliveries. Please note that guests will not receive wine AT the event due to legalities and licensing.

How long does a wine event take?

In Grape Company will arrive about 30 minutes prior to our starting time to set up. Events are about 2 hours long.


Where do you get your wine? Are you associated with a specific winery?

We source our wine supplies from both domestic and international vendors to find your palate fit! In Grape Company is a retailer and not affiliated with any specific winery. This means that we can get wines from all over the world and purposefully search out those unique finds.

Our CEO Kevin has tasted over 125,000 different wines and continues to taste 50+ wines weekly to find the best of the best. In Grape Company has been known for years as a company that upholds "wine integrity".... we proudly drink everything we represent.

I you have specific parameters with the wine for your event we will do our best to accommodate requests for specific varietals/regions/price-points to fit your unique needs.