Who doesn’t want to learn more about wine? Join In Grape Company's CEO Kevin A. Ball as he shares this mysterious world with you! This series is meant to make wine fun, approachable and of course enjoyable. No pretentiousness allowed.

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March 5- Under the Tuscan Sun

There's so much to know and learn from Italy's wine world. Dive into the region of Tuscany and find out just how versatile, important & tasty this historic region is.

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March 12- Outlandish vs. Traditional

This session will compare wild, unknown and unique varietals side-by-side with the traditional classics that we all love and know... and shouldn't forget about. Which category holds more value to you? Let's find out...

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March 19- Body Issues

Just how important is the BODY of a wine when it comes to your drinking enjoyment? Let's analyze the "feel" of numerous wines...can you determine the grape you're drinking based on the weight of the wine?

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March 26- G'Day Mate. Shoot the Roo!

Exit: mass-produced animal brands of low quality.

Enter: the resurgence of high quality, boutique Aussie wine that's (slowly) infiltrated the Chicago market. Australia is back, and most don't even know it.

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Join In Grape Company and SpiderMeka Photography for a Treat Yo' Self event!


A unique and wonderful energy happens when we’re surrounded by those who empower us. This portrait and wine party create the perfect atmosphere and opportunity to capture those moments. Sip on artfully curated wines, savor time with friends, and show off your beautiful memories for years to come.

Sat, April 4 | 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

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