Filling Your Glass, Filling Our Hearts

At In Grape Company, it's our mission to make wine fun. 

Whether you are just finding out what you like or have an extensive cellar, there's always more to learn and something new to discover. We strive to bring the world’s best wines into your home. Let In Grape Company provide you the very best in what you like. 


Our wine friends and family continue to expand as we build an inclusive community for all those that want to taste, experience and share through the world of wine. Join us for a grape time! 

Meet Kevin Ball

Throughout his 20-year wine career, Kevin has developed an outstanding palate along with a knack for translating his in-depth knowledge of wines to novices and experts alike. It was the meeting of these two passions—wine and education—that inspired Kevin to found In Grape Company in 2014. He aspired to bring an element of fun and learning directly to consumers and wine enthusiasts in new ways. Whether it be an in-home wine event (or a new virtual wine event), a corporate team building session, fundraising efforts, palate consultations, or a phone conversation about a personalized wine delivery to your home, Kevin thrives by offering wine drinkers an alternative resource for wine enjoyment. Kevin has had the privilege of experiencing over 145,000 wines from across the world, and continues to taste 50-200 wines weekly.  

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Jeff Tabels

You may notice this cool cat dropping off wine and sharing happiness all through Chicagoland. From fun text messages to a burning passion for wine, Jeff is integral to our ability to serve you!

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Cali Olivares

Cali has spent the majority of her career in bookkeeping and accounting, in diverse industries such as construction and entertainment production.


When she’s not figuring out the latest and greatest in spreadsheets, you can find her performing at various cabaret spots across the city.

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