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April 20, 2016
In-Home Wine Events

Let’s be honest—wine tasting can be intimidating and confusing. Handling the spit bucket, self-consciousness about one’s palate, fear of seeming… uneducated—are all worries put to rest by In Grape Company.

Our In-Home wine events are a fun and casual way for you to grow your wine knowledge!

HP In Home Wine EventHow it works.

We work with you, the host, to create a selection of 5-8 different wines to be a apart of the tastings. At the event these wines will go head-to-head in a bracket-style tournament, leading to one clear group favorite—meaning each individual could get a total of 26 tastings! Along the way there will be quizzes, fun facts, and a lot of laughs. Additionally, at the end of the night guests will be be able to purchase any new favorites they have discovered.


Pricing is determined on the level of sophistication in the wines you choose to have represented, along with the number of guests you wish to participate in the tastings.

Luxury Events                                                                          starting at $75.00 per person

Wines are cult, rare, limited production, and/or collectable selections.

Premium Events                                                                                starting at $40.00 per person

Wines are superior, exemplary, and/or reserve selections.

Quality Events                                                                                   starting at $25.00 per person

Wines are distinctive, satisfying, economical selections.

For inquiries contact Kevin Ball
(773) 419-9914