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November 18, 2013

KEVIN A. BALL – President, In Grape Company

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Kevin’s Wine Philosophy
I recognize wine as the most unique beverage on the planet.  No other beverage in the world possesses mood and personality the way wine does.  A bottle of wine will change and evolve from the moment the cork is popped to the last drop in the bottle.  Wine adapts to its environment; it can come alive right there in your glass.

I believe this ever-evolving drink is meant to be appreciated.  But more than that, I believe wine is meant to be enjoyed.  I don’t regard wine as some elusive, baffling object shrouded in intimidating jargon. It’s immediate, it’s personal, it’s fun!  To me, wine isn’t some precious item reserved for special occasions… wine IS the special occasion.  And what better way to celebrate a special occasion than to gather with like-minded friends and experience wine…In Grape Company.

Kevin’s Experience
Kevin Ball brings over 12 years of experience in the wine industry.  He has a strong passion for wine and a knack for translating his knowledge and passion to novices and experts alike.  By combining his outstanding palate with a deep and applied understanding of the wine industry, Kevin brings a unique skill set and a new approach to his clients: remove the intimidation…enjoy the wine!

During his tenure in wine distribution, Kevin Ball tasted, represented and successfully sold America’s most influential brands** as well as some of the world’s most premium and “cult” wines*.  Kevin worked with numerous high-end restaurants, wine shops & retailers across the Midwest, collaborating with owners & sommeliers to bring their customers diverse, elite wine selections.  Kevin assisted in the development of full wine lists, planograms and wine store programs, and played a key role in crafting balanced, intriguing portfolios for 3 wine distributors.

Kevin has had the privilege of experiencing over 89,000 wines from across the world, and has worked side by side with some of the world’s best producers.  Of his time spent working with winemakers from around the globe, Kevin says:  “Working alongside amazing wine artisans really opened my eyes to how intentional every nuance is, and how every component of wine adds to its taste and enjoyment.  I really credit this time with winemakers to my own firm understanding of the intricacies of wine and how it is perceived on one’s palate.”

As passionate as he is about wine, Kevin is equally passionate about sharing with other wine drinkers.  Kevin believes knowing more about wine in general, and your palate specifically, makes for greater satisfaction.  He infuses every encounter and event with fun and ease, removing the intimidation and “stuffiness” from learning about wine, and focusing in on the enjoyment.  Kevin consistently continues to taste all that the market has to offer, and shares the newest and best selections with his clients.   He hopes to have the opportunity to develop a long term relationship with each client he serves.

*Influential brands represented:
E. & J. Gallo Brands
Constellation Brands
The Kobrand Portfolio
Kendall Jackson
St. Michelle Wine Estates

**Premium and “cult” wines represented:
Didier Dagueneau
Bryant Estate
Chateau La Tour
Araujo Estate
Mount Eden Estate
Martinelli Vineyards
Joseph Phelps