Our Mission

At In Grape Company it is our mission to make wine fun. We strive to bring the world’s best wines out from behind the curtain of exclusivity and into your home.

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“I believe wine is meant to be experienced. There is a distinct difference between drinking wine and appreciating wine. Wine shouldn’t be saved for special occasions--wine is the special occasion. And like any special occasion, it is meant to be shared with friends, it is meant to be experienced…In Grape Company.”
~Kevin Ball, President


Where it all started…

Kevin Ball
 has dedicated his professional lifetime to the wine industry, representing and successfully selling America’s most influential brands as well as some of the world’s most premium and “cult” wines.  Kevin worked with numerous high-end restaurants, wine shops & retailers across the Midwest, collaborating with owners and sommeliers to bring their customers diverse, elite wine selections. Kevin assisted in the development of full wine lists, planograms and wine store programs, and played a key role in crafting balanced, intriguing portfolios for several wine distributors. During his tenure in wine distribution, Kevin has had the privilege of experiencing over 89,000 wines from across the world, and has worked side-by-side with some of the world’s best producers.

Throughout his career Kevin has developed an outstanding palate along with a knack for translating his in-depth knowledge of wines to novices and experts alike. It was the meeting of these two passions—wine and education—that inspired Kevin to found In Grape Company in 2014. He aspired to bring an element of fun to an industry otherwise known for being somewhat stuffy and intimidating for the average person. Through his in-depth palate consultations, exciting in-home events, and custom wine programs, Kevin is sharing   the joys of the wine industry with Chicagoland and beyond—currently shipping his selections all over the United States. 


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